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Sage laid off 235 employees in July, leaving talented individuals to find new positions. A well-rounded, experienced individual with experience in Medical Manager can assist with administrative roles or long-term projects.

In a single day back in July, Sage performed a mass lay-off of 235 of its employees. As people like me read about it, I wondered where all of these talented, displaced people would land.

I’ve spoken to many of these people, helping a few them with their transition out of longterm positions working with Medical Manager over the years.

There’s one person that is so well-rounded and experienced with The Medical Manager software that I felt compelled to let you all know about her. She has trained on The Medical Manager software, has project-managed countless Medical Manager upgrades and conversions, and has even used Medical Manager in an office setting as an administrator. Her years of experience are invaluable and could be immediately put to work at your site.

If you have an administrative role that you’re trying to fill or even a long-term Medical Manager project that requires an expert on the software, please contact me so that I can put you in touch with this person.

Rick Adams,
General Manager
800-781-1044, option 2

Sep 22 2008

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