Fort Wayne Medical Manager User Meeting a Success


Medical Manager User Meeting in Fort Wayne, IN, focused on tips, Medicare e-prescribing, real-time claims management, remote backups, reporting options, and technology questions.

We’re happy to report that a successful Medical Manager User Meeting was
held in Fort Wayne, IN yesterday.

Customers in that area who use The Medical Manager software had suggested
that a group convene to network and share experiences like they had done in
years past. Harmony Healthcare IT was happy to coordinate the meeting
details and bring everyone together.

Some of the agenda items were to:

  • Get tips on using Medical Manager
  • Get updated on Medicare’s e-prescribing initiative
  • Review real-time claims management and learn how to reduce payer denials
    and underpayments
  • Understand “remote” vs. “tape” backups
  • Gain insight on new reporting options
  • Participate in an open forum for general technology questions and answers

If you have any comments about the meeting, or, if you’d like to help
coordinate a user meeting in your area for your practice management system,
please contact Tricia at 800.781.1044.

Dec 03 2008

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