Errors and Failures and Crashes — Oh My!


Electronic data vaulting secures real-time patient data restoration, reducing errors and system crashes in healthcare IT.

Software errors out, servers fail, hard drives crash, data gets corrupted, storms strike, people make mistakes — so goes life. Anyone who administers healthcare information technology knows that “things happen.”

The question is — how do you recover from errors and failures and system crashes? Our answer: electronic data vaulting. Electronic data vaulting offers a completely secure and fully automated solution for the backup of your critical patient data.

Unlike tape-based backups that are conducted once nightly, electronic data vaulting backs up all data in real time, online. So, if your network goes down at noon, you wouldn’t have to restore from last night’s backup and keep staff in over lunch to re-post the morning’s charges and payments. Instead, you would restore up to the minute of the server failure — quickly and accurately.

With this kind of highly reliable, off-site data storage and protection at the ready, it takes the angst out of the errors and failures and crashes that are bound to happen as a part of life!

If you’d like to investigate electronic data vaulting as a solution for your medical practice, contact us today.

Oct 30 2008

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