Create a backup verification strategy for your medical practice

A full system backup is like an insurance policy for your medical practice. Whether you’re under-insured or not depends on how well the backup is performing.

So . . . how well is your backup performing? Maybe you never think about it. Maybe you trust a daily verification printout that tells you everything is a-okay.

Well, guess what? Technology is never perfect. Things may not always be operating as smoothly as you might think.

Here’s a tip from someone who cares about your ability to restore critical patient data: create a backup verification strategy for your medical practice. By that I mean, routinely “double check” your backup. Is the data recoverable? Is the media fault free? To find this out, you or your service and support vendor can perform a test restore.

It’s in your best interest to truly verify that a full restoration of your practice management or electronic medical record system is possible. You never know when disaster might strike – but you do know how to prevent it from impacting your data.

Aug 27 2008

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