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I Love HIT

Annual Review Meetings for Users of The Medical Manager®

It’s National Health IT Week– the perfect time for a health IT firm like ours to thank...

Sep 29
Responsive Support for Medical Manager

Responsive Support for The Medical Manager® Software

The Harmony Healthcare IT (HHIT) team supports about 3,000 providers on The Medical Manager® software. On a...

Aug 03

Automated Patient Appointment Reminders for the Medical Manager®

Throughout medical practices in the United States, no-show rates up to 30% have been reported for particular...

Aug 02

Claim Denial and Appeal Management for Medical Manager

Although 90% of denials are preventable and 67% are recoverable, many providers don’t aggressively pursue claims adjustments....

Aug 24

CMS Offers Interactive Case Studies to Explore ICD-10 Concepts

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has released interactive case studies that can help Medical...

Jun 10
Piggy Bank

Sign-on for Medical Manager® Support, Get ICD-10 Solution FREE

We’re ICD-10 Ready. You Can Be Too - For Free As the October 1, 2015 deadline for...

Feb 26

Will Your Medical Practice Get Paid after 10/1/15?

Get Medical Manager(r) Ready for ICD-10 to Avoid Reimbursement Delays and Denials The ICD-10 deadline is 10/1/15....

Jan 26

Revised ICD-10 Deadline Formally Announced by HHS

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, as expected, has formally finalized and announced (via press...

Jul 31

Upcoming Health IT Webinar Events

Harmony Healthcare IT, a firm that safeguards patient data, ensures cash flow and increases staff productivity for healthcare...

May 07

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