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Health IT Supports Health Equity in Rural Patient Care

For the 15 percent of people nationwide who rely on rural healthcare, efforts to improve access, options...

Oct 28 2 min read
Ribbon Cutting at Harmony Healthcare IT

Harmony Healthcare IT Celebrates 15 Years of Innovative Healthcare IT...

Oct 22, 2021. South Bend, IN - The volume of health data grows faster than any other...

Oct 22 2 min read

Occupational Therapy Medical Record Retention

The $27.3 billion U.S. Occupational Therapy (OT) market continues to grow steadily, with approximately 230,000 occupational therapy...

Oct 21 3 min read

Introducing HealthData Talks: A Data Management Podcast for Health Information...

Harmony Healthcare IT, a leader in health data lifecycle solutions, is pleased to release HealthData Talks, a...

Oct 12 2 min read
Mother Baby

What’s Behind America’s Declining Birth Rate?

Earlier this year, data from the United States Census Bureau revealed that the American population grew at...

Aug 02 5 min read

Podcast: Data Lifecycle Action Steps

Whether you are an individual practitioner, part of a large integrated delivery network (IDN), or someplace in...

Aug 02 2 min read

Compliance & Ethics Podcast: 11-minute Legacy Data Management Checkup

Healthcare legacy data may not be accessed daily; however, there are many considerations providers need to manage...

Jul 29 3 min read

When it’s Time to Archive an Archive or Replace an...

We are seeing an uptick in inbound sales calls about disappointment in archiving vendor choices that hospital...

Jul 01 4 min read

EHRs and Data Archiving for Correctional Health

The 7,147 federal, state and local correctional facilities across the nation are beyond ready for a pivot...

May 26 5 min read

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