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Patients' most wanted list

Patients’ Most Wanted List: Lab Report Access is No. 1

COVID-19 accelerated the opportunity for patients to utilize technology and take a more active role in accessing...

Mar 29 4 min read
Records Release Service

Harmony Healthcare IT Launches Records Release Service

Harmony Healthcare IT, a first-to-market innovator of health data management solutions, today announced a new Records Release...

Mar 27 3 min read
Quest Diagnostics to Sunset Quanum Practice Solutions

Quest Diagnostics to Sunset Quanum® Practice Solutions by End of...

When Will Quest Sunset Quanum? Quest Diagnostics recently announced it will sunset its Quanum® Practice Solutions (formerly...

Mar 21 2 min read
Mergers and Acquisition Deals

400 M&A Deals for Skilled Nursing Facilities Generates Large Volumes...

With more than 2 million patients admitted each year to over 15,000 skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) in...

Mar 01
Use Cases for Historical Records in the ER

Emergency Physician Perspective: Use Cases for Historical Records in the...

Every patient who enters an emergency room has a story. As an Emergency Physician for the past...

Feb 21 2 min read
Family Illustration

[Report] How Parents Struggle with Keeping Kids Healthy in 2023

Parents Weigh in on Childhood Obesity in New Survey The American Academy of Pediatrics wants parents to...

Feb 21 4 min read
CIO Survey Results

CIO Survey Results: Two Factors Driving Legacy Data Management Decisions

The two main factors driving legacy data management decisions at healthcare organizations: Security is the primary pain...

Feb 09 4 min read
2023 Hit Trends

Our Take: Three Health IT Trends for 2023

We are dedicated to assisting healthcare delivery organizations with health data management. This includes big picture product...

Jan 20 4 min read
Rural Hospital CIO Savings

Care and Cost-Saving Tools for Rural Hospital CIOs

Funding is Tight The big picture for rural hospitals is that most were cash strapped prior to...

Jan 20 4 min read

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