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Patient No-Shows Can Significantly Decrease Revenue

What is your practice’s patient no-show rate?  For the average family practice, patient no-shows can escalate to...

Jan 05

Year End Close for The Medical Manager Software

Many physician offices that we support using The Medical Manager practice management software will conduct a fiscal...

Dec 30

Remote Electronic Backups with Secure Offsite Data Storage

As an office manager, you are likely running a daily system backup to tapes. While that is...

Dec 17

Electronic Data Vaulting versus Tape Backups

Electronic data vaulting is the process of conducting a backup online and storing information remotely in a...

Dec 08

e-Prescribing Adoption Rates. Where do you stand?

Since the e-prescribing webinars we hosted have taken place, we’re fielding more and more questions about eRx....

Dec 05

Fort Wayne Medical Manager User Meeting a Success

We’re happy to report that a successful Medical Manager User Meeting was held in Fort Wayne, IN...

Dec 03

ePrescribing Initiative FAQs from Webinar

In a former blog post, we wrote about Incentives to Doctors for Prescribing Electronically.  In follow-up to...

Dec 02

Eliminate Payer Denials and Underpayments

If payers seem to be getting the best of your bottom line, it’s time to get the...

Nov 05

Errors and Failures and Crashes — Oh My!

Software errors out, servers fail, hard drives crash, data gets corrupted, storms strike, people make mistakes —...

Oct 30

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