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Gen Z Mental Health

State of Gen Z Mental Health

State of Gen Z Mental Health New Research on Gen Z Mental Health  During the most formative...

Sep 15 5 min read
Rapid Growth in ASCs Requires Records Management Strategy

Rapid Growth in Ambulatory Surgical Centers Requires Records Management Strategy

As Newsweek states: Ambulatory surgical centers have a big part of American medicine. The publication recently published...

Sep 01 4 min read
Epic Growth Signal Increased Demand for Data Archiving Blog

Epic’s High-Speed Growth Signals Increased Demand for Data Archiving

There is much that could be said about Epic as an electronic health record (EHR). Definitive Healthcare...

Aug 22 3 min read
Healthcare Providers Switching Archiving Vendors

Reasons Healthcare Providers are Switching Archiving Vendors

There are numerous factors that require healthcare providers to include an active archive solution in their information...

Aug 19 4 min read

Driving Data Management Strategy with Current, Aging and Obsolete Applications

With the growth of healthcare data outperforming other big industries like manufacturing, financial services and media/entertainment; an...

Aug 10 3 min read
Smarter Data Migrations

Automating Data Migration with Artificial Intelligence Saves Time and Supports...

Harmony Healthcare IT and DrFirst Come Together to Improve EHR Data Migration by Reducing Manual Entry and...

Jun 23 3 min read
Retention of Records when an ePCR system is replaced

Retention of Records When an ePCR System is Replaced

The 1.03 million licensed EMTs, paramedics and other Emergency Medical Services (EMS) patient care professionals in the...

Jun 22 2 min read
Meditech EMR Upgrade

MEDITECH Upgrade Requires Legacy Data Storage & Integration

The Situation  A MEDITECH customer since 1996, Magnolia Regional Health Center (MRHC) upgraded from MEDITECH MAGIC to...

Jun 13
Legacy Data Cleanup

Four Steps to Tackle Legacy Data Spring Cleaning

If your organization has accumulated a collection of out-of-production software applications, it is time to cut the...

May 26 4 min read

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