Patient No-Shows Can Significantly Decrease Revenue


What is your practice’s patient no-show rate?  For the average family practice, patient no-shows can escalate to 30%.  That can …

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Year End Close for The Medical Manager Software


Many physician offices that we support using The Medical Manager practice management software will conduct a fiscal year end close …

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Remote Electronic Backups with Secure Offsite Data Storage


As an office manager, you are likely running a daily system backup to tapes. While that is a good routine …

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Electronic Data Vaulting versus Tape Backups


Electronic data vaulting is the process of conducting a backup online and storing information remotely in a secure data center. …

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e-Prescribing Adoption Rates. Where do you stand?


Since the e-prescribing webinars we hosted have taken place, we’re fielding more and more questions about eRx. While many of …

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Fort Wayne Medical Manager User Meeting a Success


We’re happy to report that a successful Medical Manager User Meeting was held in Fort Wayne, IN yesterday. Customers in that area …

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ePrescribing Initiative FAQs from Webinar


In a former blog post, we wrote about Incentives to Doctors for Prescribing Electronically.  In follow-up to that, we hosted …

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Eliminate Payer Denials and Underpayments


If payers seem to be getting the best of your bottom line, it’s time to get the best of them! We …

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Errors and Failures and Crashes — Oh My!


Software errors out, servers fail, hard drives crash, data gets corrupted, storms strike, people make mistakes — so goes life. …

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Reduce Patient No-Show Rates by up to 50%


If your practice is not taking advantage of modern-day technologies to remind patients about their appointments, it’s time to start. …

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