Archive Data from Your Retired Practice Management System


Practice management system data accessible for 7-10 years using easy-to-use solutions.

To meet regulatory requirements, data from your practice management system should be kept accessible for a minimum of 7-10 years. For protecting patient health information, we offer easy-to-use solutions that lower support cost and reduce risk of aging infrastructure.

Data from the practice management software is converted from its architecture into a relational Microsoft® SQL database. That new database, which maintains full data integrity, can then yield a variety of outputs.

One output option is account-level profile sheets in searchable portable data format, or PDF. The universally-accepted PDF output is indexed to a web browser and searchable by account number, name, social security number, date of birth, or dataset. Each patient profile sheet is then categorically bookmarked for quick and easy access by any staff member – even those not trained on how to use the practice management system.

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Oct 21 2009

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