Annual Review Meetings for Users of The Medical Manager®


National Health IT Week is an opportunity for health IT firms to thank their customers and offer assistance. Harmony Healthcare IT (HHIT) has built long-lasting relationships with medical practices, providing support services for practice management and billing. They host annual review meetings to address software issues and industry challenges, ensuring cash flow optimization. For alternative support or EDI options, contact Matt Gorski at Harmony Healthcare IT.

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It’s National Health IT Week– the perfect time for a health IT firm like ours to thank its customer base and offer to help new prospects.

Long-Lasting Relationships with Users of The Medical Manager® Software
At Harmony Healthcare IT (HHIT), we have been fortunate to build long lasting relationships with many medical practices nationwide.  These practices have entrusted us to provide support services for their practice management and billing needs. HHIT provides help desk services for over 3,000 eligible professionals and users of The Medical Manager® software on a daily basis. Many of these clients have transitioned away from Greenway to HHIT because of our ability to provide solutions that work with their ever changing healthcare requirements. We allow them to work with the initial investment they made decades ago in The Medical Manager software. Unlike many other software vendors or support providers, we do not force our customers to buy the next upgrade.

The Importance of Annual Review Meetings to Stay Current and Optimize Cash Flow
At HHIT, we host “Annual Review Meetings” with our clients. These meetings provide the opportunity to keep in touch with our clients’ needs not only for today but, more importantly, for tomorrow. During these account reviews, we address any software issues clients may be facing as well as industry challenges.  Healthcare in the United States continues to change and practices are faced with more and more difficult decisions on how to run their office. Our annual review meetings formally open up the lines of communication and allow us to work together to maximize cash flow in the office. We evaluate services available for their benefit, whether it be additional EDI services, server hosting, data vaulting, appointment reminders, or other productivity-enhancing solutions.

Contact Us to Learn More About Annual Review Meetings
If your practice uses The Medical Manager software and is looking for alternative support or EDI options, contact Matt Gorski at Harmony Healthcare IT.  Matt runs lead on holding Annual Review Meetings and can certainly schedule yours or talk to you about any Medical Manager issues you may be facing.  Not ready for a one-on-one deep dive quite yet?  Then register for one of our monthly, complimentary webinars to learn more.

Sep 29 2016

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