The Internship Experience at Harmony Healthcare IT: Giovanna Schulte

Posted on Aug 25 2016

GioGiovanna (Gio) Schulte is a sophomore biology major at Indiana University in Bloomington. She plans to become a dentist or eye doctor who may someday rely on electronic medical records to help treat her patients. This summer, she served as a junior systems analyst intern at Harmony Healthcare IT.

“I really enjoyed my time here,” shared Gio who learned about the internship from a company employee. “I learned how to extract and import data among several other things. I’m thankful for this internship because I learned so many new things, including: networking with the people you know and stepping out of your comfort zone. Before this experience, I had little knowledge of healthcare information technology.”

Harmony Healthcare IT is a LEAN organization and follows an agile software development methodology so that new product features or enhancements can be brought to market quickly.  Process is what makes the team go, and, the company is committed to always improving it. Interns are welcomed to participate in all areas of the organization and contribute toward the company’s processes, product development and positive corporate culture.

As part of the Systems Analyst Team, Gio helped with data intake and validation, but also helped the team leaders analyze the operations, which led to some process improvements.


“Gio has been a tremendous help. She’s a very quick learner and very thorough in her work. She keeps her head down and focuses through anything she’s asked to complete,” shared Darryl Mais, Systems Analyst Team Lead. “We’ve had some very sizable data projects and having her on-board has helped us complete these initiatives in a much more effective manner.”

Gio’s advice for other students about the value of an internship?
An internship is a great opportunity to learn and experience what a real career might be like.

Does an experience similar to Gio’s interest you? People with talent like Gio’s are on our radar, we would love to meet you. Please contact us to learn more about our intern program at Harmony Healthcare IT.


The Internship Experience at Harmony Healthcare IT: Tim Wang

Posted on Aug 24 2016

TimTim Wang, a Computer Information Technology graduate student at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, is a world traveler who is focused on big data, machine learning, network engineering, virtualization technology, robotic operating systems and network security. He met Harmony Healthcare IT (HHIT) representatives at a campus Career Fair and spent this summer as a junior database analyst intern in South Bend.

“The people here are outstanding and the experience has been very meaningful,” says Tim. “From the very first day, I tried to learn about every aspect of HHIT, such as project life cycles, project management methodologies, the scale of services, etc.  This organization is dynamic as functional teams work with each other efficiently and closely.”

Tim leaned on his technical skills in SQL scripts, MS SQL Server, Open-sourced Db and server side technology like vSphere suites backed by VMware and tried to learn more details utilized during the development process.  He says he also learned a lot of practical skills and business philosophy from his HHIT colleagues.

Interns at Harmony Healthcare IT gain hands-on experience beginning on their first day. Interns work directly with real data in a production-style environment. There are deadlines to be met, so interns do real work and gain key technical skills while learning more about teamwork in the process.

“Tim has a great working knowledge of SQL and ETL processes. He has great problem solving skills and tenacity when working through some of our hardest database structures to date,” comments Tai Gunter, Database Analyst Team Lead. “Tim also has a wide array of knowledge around security and IT infrastructure. These are skills that will certainly benefit anyone lucky enough to have Tim on their team in the future.”


What does Tim see for the future of healthcare information technology?
I think there will be more healthcare related technologies invented as people expect a better healthcare environment in the next couple decades.”

What advice does Tim have for other students about the value of an internship?
The value of an internship is invaluable. It is a precious opportunity to learn real workplace and practical skills. It will open a window for you to observe the industry. My advice for other students is to try your best to get involved in the internship and to get some suggestions from your supervisor and other full time employees.”

Are you skilled in problem solving and willing to work hard? If so, we would love to talk to you. We are constantly looking for candidates with skills like Tim’s. For more information about our intern program, please contact us.


The Internship Experience at Harmony Healthcare IT: Jacob Beauchamp

Posted on Aug 17 2016


Jacob Beauchamp has his eye on solving big problems one day, especially in the areas of machine learning, data science, high-performance computing or block chain technology. Beauchamp, a Computer Science major and Mathematics minor at Indiana University – Bloomington, spent the summer gaining real-world experience as a junior database analyst at Harmony Healthcare IT (HHIT) in South Bend, Indiana.

“The experience has been great,” shared Beauchamp, who first discovered Harmony Healthcare IT at an IU Career Fair.  “I’ve learned a lot about databases. Like the company’s website says; ‘we get data, literally and figuratively.’ I feel like I ‘get’ data a lot more now. As database analysts, we’re literally reverse engineering a large part of the applications our clients give us – this all comes from an immersion into the raw data and only a brief use of the application’s interface. Through this I’ve had the chance not only to learn to write complex queries but to actually develop using T-SQL, PL/pgSQL and even Python.”

Harmony Healthcare IT interns get practical work experience on an innovative team that focuses on the secure storage and long-term access to vital medical records through its Health Data Archiver product. Importantly, the interns also are exposed to the bigger picture of how a medical record archive plays a critical role in improving patient care by providing a comprehensive narrative at the point of care.

“Jacob provided a great deal of coding knowledge which we utilized to develop efficiencies around our project process,” shared John Jonas, ETL Team Lead & Database Analyst. “Having those additional skillsets mixed in with learning our project process typically leads to a lot of original thought and innovation. Something we always look for in employees are people like Jacob who have that thirst for knowledge and who can think outside the box. Regardless of whether the individual returns to us to work full-time, our program helps students become more mature about their career and what they can to do with it.”


What does Jacob envision for the future of healthcare technology?
“There’s a huge need and opportunity for personalized medicine. The only way efforts in this direction will succeed is through data aggregation and analysis. I’ll let the algorithms give a number, but I think there’s a high probability that we’ll see improvements in and standardization of data collection, storage, and availability — as well as security – for use in clinical research and treatment.”

What advice does Jacob have for other students seeking an internship?
“An internship is really what you make it. The organization might have you do one thing, but remember to think outside the box. If you want to learn or get experience in something specific – a certain programming language for example – find ways to use that thing to solve a problem the company is having. I expressed my desire to do some development to the team leads at HHIT and constantly looked out for opportunities where I could use and enhance my coding skills. I found many and the team leads were really generous in facilitating those efforts.”

This fall, Beauchamp heads into his junior year at IU as part of the Cox Scholars Program where he will be working under David J. Crandall, Ph. D. in the IU Computer Vision Lab, researching cutting edge technologies including machine learning and big data.

Beauchamp is making strides toward his goal of solving big problems.

Do you have some of the same interests or aspirations as Jacob? If so, we’d love to meet you. We’re always on the lookout for driven students like Jacob who are looking for work experience. Contact us to learn more about our intern program.


The Internship Experience at Harmony Healthcare IT: Allison Sroda

Posted on Aug 16 2016

AllisonAllison Sroda loves technology — and now the healthcare industry — after completing a junior database analyst summer internship at Harmony Healthcare IT.  She currently is a senior majoring in Informatics with a cognate in Business and a minor in the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University (IU) in Bloomington.

“Technology is very fascinating and I am hopeful for what the future may hold. I think technology and healthcare working together will bring great things and I want to be a part of that,” explains Allison who is a member of the Women in Computing Club (WIC) and Women Empowering Success in Technology (WESiT) at IU.

Harmony Healthcare IT interns gain practical work experience on a team that focuses on the secure storage and long-term access to vital medical records. Interns work alongside experts to learn more about data mining, mapping and archiving.  The goal is to help healthcare organizations reduce technical risk, IT labor and maintenance costs during the decommissioning and replacement of applications such as hospital, laboratory and practice management systems; electronic health records, enterprise resource planning software, and general accounting and human resource/payroll systems.

“Allison has gained vast experiences in databases, extract/transform/load (ETL) processes, technical infrastructure, and medical records management,” comments Tai Gunter, Database Analyst Team Lead. “With these skills, I am confident she will excel in a similar position after completing her education.”

While product innovation is important, interns also gain exposure to a bigger picture. The HHIT team is committed to its mission: to preserve vital information so that lives may be improved. The company’s product, Health Data Archiver, and related data availability services literally could change the course of patient treatment by providing a comprehensive, historical narrative available at the point of care. And, the company’s interns are involved in advancing the mission.


Allison’s thoughts on the HHIT company culture:
I’ve had such a great experience being an Intern at Harmony Healthcare IT. Everyone is very welcoming and excited to work together. The people here love to help me learn and push me toward new opportunities. My co-workers are constantly checking on me and always offer an open door for any questions. I truly feel comfortable going to anyone and asking for help. This company puts their customers’ needs first no matter what and they always do the right thing.

Allison’s thoughts on lessons learned this summer:
This was my first full time job so I will take with me the experience of working with others on a team toward a goal for the customers. There are so many steps and people a project must go through in order to get the end result and it is cool being part of something where every step and person counts.

Allison’s advice for other students about the value of an internship?
Getting an internship is very important. Not only does it give you the experience of what a real full time job feels like, but it also opens you up to many networking opportunities or even a future job where you intern. It can help give you guidance and skills to take you where you want to go. I learned a lot about what I like to do and what I am good at through my internship at Harmony Healthcare IT. It has opened me up to so many future opportunities and it was so worth it.

Are you looking for the kind of work experiences Allison got? We’d love to talk to you. We’re always seeking highly-motivated, self-starting students like Allison to work with our team. Contact us to learn more about our intern program.


Interns Jump In and Thrive at Harmony Healthcare IT

Posted on Aug 15 2016


Interns at Harmony Healthcare IT in South Bend, Indiana, gain experience they can apply in the classroom and in the real world. The company offers an internship program where college students work directly with senior-level technicians to help healthcare providers preserve vital information from legacy patient and employee systems.

This summer, three students from Indiana University – Bloomington and one from Purdue University interned with the company as junior database and systems analysts. The students’ majors include: computer information technology, pre-med, computer science, mathematics and informatics.

They Learn A Lot and So Do We

“When we bring on an intern, we figure the best way for them to learn the role is to let them jump right in,” explains Laurie Seall, Manager of ETL & Data Services.  “They love the fact that they are able to contribute from day one. They learn a lot in the time they are with us, and, we learn a lot. Often, they bring with them fresh ideas and perspectives as well as experience with new technologies.”

GIF2Harmony Healthcare IT interns contribute to the secure storage and long-term access to historical medical records. They work alongside experts at data mining, mapping, archiving and implementation to help the company’s clients reduce technical risk, IT labor and maintenance costs during the decommissioning and replacement of HIS, EHR, LIS and practice management systems as well as general accounting and HR/Payroll systems. The company’s flagship product, Health Data Archiver, makes historical data readily available to caregivers and helps to support fully-informed, proper treatment decisions.

Helping Us Advance Our Mission

While product innovation is important, interns also gain exposure to a bigger picture. The HHIT team is committed to its mission: to preserve vital information so that lives may be improved. The Health Data Archiver product and its related data availability services literally can change the course of treatment by making a comprehensive narrative available at the point of care. And, the company’s interns are heavily involved in advancing this mission.

“Our internship program has been a huge boost to my team this summer,” commented John Jonas, ETL Team Lead & Database Analyst. “Something we are always look for in employees are people who have that thirst for knowledge and people who can think outside the box. Our internship program defines who those people are and it evolves the intern’s perception of what he or she can accomplish.”

Doing Real Work and Keeping it LEAN

Harmony Healthcare IT is a LEAN organization and follows an agile software development methodology so that new product features or enhancements can be brought to market quickly.  Process is what makes the team go, and, we are committed to always improving it. Interns are encouraged to identify areas to improve the company’s processes and product development.

TimandAllisonDesk“There are deadlines to be met and projects to complete – they’re doing real work to benefit the company,” says Tai Gunter, Database Analyst Team Lead. “Along the way, they have picked up a variety of skills in programs like Microsoft SQL Server, ETL Tools, PostgreSQL, and Heath Data Archiver.  We were able to provide experiences like a tour of our offsite data center and a company outing to a South Bend Cubs baseball game. These experiences showcase our company as a leader in our industry, from technical expertise and infrastructure to an amazing company culture.”

Looking for an Internship?  Drop us a Line

Harmony Healthcare IT regularly visits college campuses to meet and recruit students for internships and entry-level positions within many areas of the company including database analysts, systems analysts and marketing.

For more information, or, to submit your resume for consideration, email us.


Responsive Support for The Medical Manager® Software

Posted on Aug 03 2016

Data Realty Todd Porter
The Harmony Healthcare IT (HHIT) team supports about 3,000 providers on The Medical Manager® software. On a percentage basis, that’s a pretty good portion of the users still scheduling and billing with Medical Manager today. These are providers that sought us out to provide support for one of a few reasons:

  • they were not satisfied with the service they were getting from alternative vendors
  • they did not want to invest to upgrade or change systems just to meet industry mandates
  • they did not want to be forced to use one particular claims clearinghouse to send claims and patient statements (due to features, support issues or cost)

So, what makes HHIT different as a support provider? Our people.

There are certain attributes we look for in every hire we make—positivity, patience, and problem solving. If we’re certain these attributes exist in each of our employees who man our 800-number, then, we’re certain you’ll have an above average experience with our help desk when you call. We strive to provide personalized support services for every “how to” Medical Manager question, every system error and every claims clearinghouse challenge.

Feedback that we’ve received from our clients suggest that we’re delivering on our brand promise of “relationships, responsiveness, results.”

Jeff Yanasak, from Top Tier IT out of Fort Myers, FL, recently relayed to us some kudos for Todd Porter, an HHIT support technician. “Todd is amazing,” Yanasak says. “He provides premier support. We really enjoy working with him and would recommend him and Harmony Healthcare IT.”

Another accolade came in about Gail Hearne, one of HHITs senior application specialists. Previous co-owner and president of Direct Billing Associates, Marilyn Smith, out of Auburndale, MA wrote “Gail was absolutely a life-saver on so many occasions. She always followed through, answered our questions quickly and was incredible!” Smith went on to add “We have been in business for 23 years, and Harmony Healthcare IT and Gail Hearne were the best choices we ever made for support.”

Personalized and quality service is provided from people who possess the attributes we look for in each of our hires. They understand the industry, the technical challenges and – perhaps most importantly – they know how critical it is to resolve issues so that you can get on with your day and tend to patients.

At Harmony Healthcare IT, we are fortunate to have senior analysts on our team with over twenty years of technical experience and application competency. Our resources are on-call, 24/7, to support your needs. The results they deliver keep your cash flowing and your patient information secure – all at an affordable rate.

For more information about improving patient collections, please contact Harmony Healthcare IT, the makers of Health Data Archiver.


Automated Patient Appointment Reminders for the Medical Manager®

Posted on Aug 02 2016

Throughout medical practices in the United States, no-show rates up to 30% have been reported for particular medical specialties. Community mental health centers face rates of 10-15%. A Medical Group Management Association study reported in 2015 that even well-run medical practices have an average no-show and last-minute cancellation rate of 12%. Some practices far less well, experiencing a no-show rate as large as 50%. This puts a damper on provider revenue. Decreasing the number of no-show rates directly correlates to an increase in revenue.

In order to learn how to decrease patient no-show rates, a solution to communicate with and remind patients of their appointments needs to be implemented. These steps include

  • Determine your current patient no-show rate using the Medical Manager software
  • Calculate your potential loss of revenue from no-show appointment
  • Learn how a patient reminder system can reduce lost revenue in your practice

At Harmony Healthcare IT, we partner with PhoneTree®, the original automated calling brand, to offer a solution to decrease these rates. PhoneTree created Healthwave Connect LogoHealthWave Connect®, a two-way patient communication solution that makes it easier for practices to keep in touch with their patients. PhoneTree has over 25 years of experience in the industry and has made HealthWave Connect a robust, highly customizable solution that is easy to use.

Features for the automated patient reminders include:

  • No software or equipment to purchase
  • Software upgrades included
  • Customized caller-ID
  • Auto retries for busy & no answer
  • Capture patient confirmations
  • Access 24/7 online

HealthWave Connect has reduced no-shows dramatically – as much as 70% which, in turn, increases revenues. The automated patient appointment PhoneTree Text email phonereminder functionality of HealthWave Connect allows practices to communicate with patients using phone, text and email. The cloud-based automated messaging solution also allows patients to respond back to these messages. This then speeds up appointment confirmations and records a trail of communication. Therefore, the overall efficiency of your office is increased you money is being saved.

Throughout the United States today, nearly 85% percent of Americans own a cellphone and of this, 80% of phone owners PhoneTree Texting graphicutilize texting. The HealthWave Connect texting function really produces results. Texting is essential today for communicating with patients — not only is it convenient for your patients, but also for your practice as it is proven to be highly effective and measurable. “People especially love getting a text message because they can keep it on their phone and easily pull it up later” – E-systems Manager for Radiology Practice. Source: Texting Is an Essential Tool for Reaching Patients.

For more information on how to construct the patient appointment reminders please contact Harmony Healthcare It or watch our webinar.


Improving Patient Collections

Posted on Jul 15 2016

stock of money isolated on white background

The easier it is for patients to make payments, the more likely they are to pay providers, and the sooner too. Collecting more money, faster, helps increase overall revenue.

In healthcare, “increasing patient responsibility” and “high-deductible health plans” are huge buzz phrases. The reason is that, today, patients are more directly responsible than they have been ever before for paying their healthcare expenses.

According to Elizabeth Woodcock, a nationally recognized revenue cycle expert, “From 2007 through 2012, patients’ self-pay responsibility nearly tripled, rising from an average of 12 percent of practice revenue to just over 30 percent.” This means that, in order to remain profitable, practices need to be able to collect their patients’ financial payments one way or another. (source: ZirMed).

Our cloud-based claims management partner, ZirMed®, continues to offer new services aimed at optimizing the financial performance of a medical practice. ZirMed’s Patient Payments solution offers several forms of payment, as well as options on how to accept these payments. Patient Payments creates an electronic receipt for each transaction that can be printed or provided to the patient through e-mail.

Using ZirMed’s Patient Payments solution has several benefits:

-Increase your collection rates by making it easier for patients to pay their obligations
-Improve staff productivity due to more efficient payment processing and card on file capability
-Reduce expenses by auto-posting patient payments, outsourcing low-value tasks, and benefiting from Patient Payments’ lower cost and feature rich, virtual terminal
-Improve internal controls for detailed reporting, audit trails, and more

For more information about improving patient collections, please contact Harmony Healthcare IT, the makers of Health Data Archiver. Or, watch our 30 minute webinar recording on the topic.


Take Me Out: A Summer Outing at the Ball Field for the Harmony Healthcare IT Team

Posted on Jun 28 2016


The Harmony Healthcare IT (HHIT) team, as well as families and friends, gathered last evening at the Four Winds Field at Coveleski Stadium.

Four Winds Field, home to the South Bend Cubs minor league baseball team, is located less than a mile from the HHIT office. The venue includes a fun zone, splash pad, Cubs Den team store, and seating for over 5,000 people — the perfect setting for a summer employee outing.

“Team events outside of the office are important,” says Laurie Seall, Manager of ETL & Data Services. “It is nice to spend time with co-workers and their families. That time draws us closer as a team and ultimately makes a positive impact on the work we do together.”

The Cubs came to South Bend in 2015 and set several attendance records that season, bringing a great feel of team spirit to the city. Although the Cubs lost last night to the Lake County Captains (1-7), the evening was certainly a win for HHIT.


“As our company grows, events like this help us stay connected both personally and professionally,” says Fria Kurowski, an account manager at HHIT. “I enjoy working for a company that recognizes how important team connection is and takes the time and energy to cultivate it.”

Four Winds Fields offers local South Bend residents not only a place to watch baseball, but also a great place to hang out, eat a hot dog and have some good old-fashioned fun.

Thank you, South Bend, for offering such a welcoming venue for a fun-filled summer night out.


Our Team Steps Up and Out for the National Kidney Foundation

Posted on Apr 27 2016


kidney walk 2A team of Harmony Healthcare IT (HHIT) employees and their families participated in a walk on Saturday, April 23rd to support the National Kidney Foundation.

The walk took place in Mishawaka, IN and the HHIT team raised $3,760 which added to the overall total of $34,205 raised by this local-area event.

A special thanks goes out to our employees and family members for joining 100,000 other walkers nation wide to support such a great cause.

There are 26 million Americans with kidney disease.  To learn more about kidney disease, its prevention and organ donation & transplantation, visit the National Kidney Foundation website.