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Four Best Practices to Protect Health Data Every Day

Due to worsening data privacy and security issues across the globe over the past years, the National...

Jan 26 3 min read
disaster recovery plan

When Disaster Strikes: Protecting ePHI from all Kinds of Storms

Hurricanes, hardware failure, wildfires and cybercrimes all have the potential to create havoc on a health system’s...

Dec 21 4 min read

Long-term Storage of PHI: An Easy-to-Use Patient Data Archive

As technology evolves, IT Directors replace old technology with new. Due to cost and complexity, complete clinical data conversions...

Aug 28

Patient Data Archiving for Texas Rural & Community Hospitals

Harmony Healthcare IT is pleased to announce that it is exhibiting Health Data Archiver, a long-term HIPAA-compliant storage...

Jun 25

EHR Satisfaction Down, EHR Replacements Up, Archiving on Deck…

A recently published report from IDC Health Insights cites that nearly 60% of the 212 PCP and specialist providers surveyed...

Nov 19

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