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Getting started with a legacy data plan webinar

Webinar: Getting Started With a Legacy Data Plan

Oct 19
Dan Kompare Bridget Group and Nick Cardwell

Webinar: Data Privacy & Security Best Practices for Hospitals &...

Jun 29

CHIME Exclusive: A Playbook for Data Archival Success

Mar 27

Webinar: Archiving as a Solution to Reduce Costs, Consolidate Historical...

Nov 08
Significance of Interoperability Webinar

Webinar: Building Blocks of Interoperability

The panel includes: Dave Navarro, Senior Director of Data Science, Harmony Healthcare IT

Aug 22
Better EHR Webinar

Webinar: Creating a Better EHR Go-Live for Clinicians

The panel includes: James E. Hammer, PMP, SVP, Harmony Healthcare IT David Sellars, Principal of Product Innovation,...

Jul 26
A Large IDN's Journey to Data Harmony

A Large IDN’s Journey to Data Harmony

Jun 09
Data Across a Provider Organization Webinar

Webinar: Best Practices for Managing Legacy Data in Your Organization

The panel includes: Bridget Group, JD, Corporate Counsel, Harmony Healthcare IT

Jun 03

CHiME Exclusive: A Large IDN’s Journey to Data Harmony

Feb 02

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