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Three reasons beyond the law consumers needs access to their medical records

HIT Consultant Media: 3 Compelling Reasons — Beyond the Law...

Dec 19
The Essence of Data Integrity in For The Record Magazine

The Essence of Data Integrity

Sep 14
Forbes Technology Council

Forbes: Four Components Of An Effective Technology Rationalization Strategy in...

Aug 07

Forbes: Overcoming The Chronic Condition Of Cybersecurity In Healthcare

Jun 06
Five question to ask when archiving non-clinical records for healthcare delivery organizations

Forbes: Archiving Non-Clinical Records In Healthcare: Five Data Management Questions...

Apr 04
Forbes Jim Hammer Man On Computer

Forbes: Telling The Full Patient Story: Data Archiving in Healthcare

Oct 25
Med City News Interoperability

MedCity News: Interoperability is the Secret to Effective Healthcare

Sep 12
Healthcare Compliance Streamlining

Journal of Health Care Compliance: Four Ways to Streamline Legacy...

Mar 22

American Health Leader: Kory Hudson Uses Data as a Differentiator

Oct 08

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