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Regional Health System Continues A/R Wind Down and Consolidates Legacy...

Sep 07

IDN Pivots to New Archive Vendor To Hit Hard Deadline...

Sep 06
HealthData Talks: Accounts Receivable Archiving

HealthData Talks: Accounts Receivable Archiving

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Aug 28
Jon Grenier Meeting Market Demands Video

Meeting Market Demands with Our Active Archiving Solutions

Jan 06

Webinar: Archiving as a Solution to Reduce Costs, Consolidate Historical...

Nov 08
Magnolia Regional Health Center Case Study

MEDITECH Upgrade Requires Legacy Data Storage & Integration

Apr 22

Introducing HealthData AR Manager®

Feb 01

HealthData AR Manager® provides final legacy stage prior to migration

Nov 01

Active Archiving as a Revenue Cycle Solution After a System...

Sep 17

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