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Video on how HealthData Platform™ is designed for the end user and enhances the patience experience

HealthData Platform™ – User and Patient Experience

Jan 09
Video around the evolution story of HealthData Platform™

The Evolution of HealthData Platform™

Jan 05

Archive Project Success Built on Integrity, Trust, and Impeccable Timing

Dec 30

HealthData Talks: DICOM Viewer for an Active Archive

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Nov 14

Patient Identity Management

Oct 28

Forbes: Telling The Full Patient Story: Data Archiving in Healthcare

Oct 25

Healthdata Talks: Archiving Non-Patient-Centric Data

(0:11) The conversation begins with Shannon Larkin introducing Jim Hammer, SVP, at Harmony Healthcare IT, and Hammer...

Oct 04

CIO Podcast – Legacy Applications with Mark Weisman, MD, CIO

Sep 28

DICOM Viewer

Aug 19

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