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Harmony’s Approach to Data Conversions

May 03

Reducing the Costs and Complexity of Data Migrations

Apr 11

The Use of AI in Data Migrations

Jan 09
AI Assisted Data Conversions

HealthData Talks: AI-Assisted Data Conversions

(1:24) Larkin and Banas jump into the conversation by discussing the key drivers for EHR conversions and...

Aug 31

Webinar: Creating a Better EHR Go-Live for Clinicians

The panel includes: James E. Hammer, PMP, SVP, Harmony Healthcare IT David Sellars, Principal of Product Innovation,...

Jul 26

HealthData AR Manager™ provides final legacy stage prior to migration

Nov 01

HealthData Talks: Systems Transition Resource Support

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Oct 28

About Us

Sep 07

Revenue Integrity Show: Wind Down Legacy A/R and Set Your...

Jul 27

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