Next Steps for Users of The Medical Manager® from Greenway Health


As a company that supports healthcare provider organizations using The Medical Manager, Harmony Healthcare IT has recently fielded calls from users of the software that are concerned about the product’s ability to meet the compliance requirements of the 21st Century Cures Act. This blog covers ways in which users may evaluate and consider options for moving forward, as well as how our team can help—leveraging decades of experience supporting users of The Medical Manager®.

When a healthcare provider organization is using an older software, such as The Medical Manager® from Greenway, there may be concerns of the product’s ability to meet current regulations like those of the  21st Century Cures Act (Cures Act). There are often additional concerns about older applications continuing to be maintained and developed with additional features or functionality.

Considerations for healthcare organizations using older software like The Medical Manager®

Healthcare providers are responsible with making the determination as to whether they are compliant with the Cures Act. One of the main tenants of the Cures Act is to ensure timely access to health records for patients which involves the prevention of information blocking. While there are current claims against providers and the possibility of upcoming fines for those who do not meet the requirements of the Cures Act, there are several variables and eight exceptions that need to be reviewed and understood. For example, while newer certified health information technology applications may offer capability for electronic exchange of health and business records (commonly referred to as interoperability), there may be other options for older applications such as The Medical Manager® software. Harmony Healthcare IT recommends that providers evaluate their options. This may include, for example, scanning paper records and providing them to patients in PDF format in a timely manner. It may also include citing exception(s) to the FHIR API requirement of the Cures Act.

After evaluating the situation and potential options, a provider organization may make the decision to stick with its old software. Or it may decide to upgrade to a new software with more robust billing, practice management and clinical EHR features—such as Greenway’s Intergy or Prime Suite practice management (PM) and electronic health record (EHR) platform.

Harmony Healthcare IT suggests it is important for each practice to determine options for meeting their business needs and remaining compliant with the Cures Act, as this will inform the decision on how best to move forward. This determination may need to involve consulting outside counsel or other resources. At the end of the day, the provider is responsible for compliance under the Cures Act as it is applicable to them.

Harmony Healthcare IT’s support offering for users of The Medical Manager® software will continue

Whatever path is chosen, Harmony Healthcare IT can help.

If an organization chooses to continue using The Medical Manager® software, Harmony Healthcare IT can support it.

For decades, Harmony Healthcare IT has provided help desk support for users of The Medical Manager® software. As a data management firm that moves and stores patient, employee, and business records for healthcare providers of all sizes nationwide, Harmony Healthcare IT can help teams address lifecycle data management strategic and implementation plans.

If a practice decides to move its data to an EHR or other system, Harmony Healthcare IT can support the effort by extracting and migrating records to the new system and/or archiving the records that would be best served in an active archive solution such as HealthData Archiver®.

Need help making the next step with The Medical Manager® software?

Contact Harmony Healthcare IT to explore a variety of potential next steps. Our team of experts that have been supporting users of The Medical Manager® software for many years and will be happy to assist. Let’s connect.




Jul 25 2022

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