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Jason Thomas

Ph.D. CIO/COO, Jackson Parish

All the pieces lined up and the extraction was executed perfectly.

Migration for EMR Conversion

  • Entails extraction of data from source system followed by transformation and load into destination EMR
  • Includes critical elements, such as PAMI+P, for designated periods of time
  • Data profiling, cleansing, transformation, testing and validation
  • Dedicated support for even the most complex projects

Healthcare Industry Expertise and Recognition

Migration to HIPAA-Compliant Storage

  • Meet State, Federal and Agency medical retention requirements
  • Data profiling, cleansing and validation for accuracy and quality
  • Perfect for decommissioning legacy EMR and ERP systems
  • Less costly alternative to EMR conversion
  • Access stored patient records in Health Data Archiver

Join 500+ Healthcare Facilities using Harmony Healthcare IT for accurate, successful data management.

“It was difficult extracting the archive data, and everyone at
Harmony went the extra mile to make it happen.”

Jeremy Masterjohn, IT Director, Spooner Health

Privacy guaranteed. We’ll never share your info. Privacy Policy