Darryl Mais

Director of Solutions Engineering

#InHarmony since 2012

When Darryl is not at work, you can find him reading about evolving technology and data, World War II, or crime fiction (set in the 30s, 40s, and 50s) while listening to records. He also enjoys spending time walking outside with his wife and dog or playing video games with his son, though he’s rarely able to beat him at anything.

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Darryl has worked in the healthcare automation and data space for over 30 years. During that time, he has done everything from programming to being an instructional design lead. He has a real interest and passion for data; he truly believes it is the most valuable asset to an organization. In that time, he’s worked for both small and large organizations (ranging from a dozen to multiple hundreds of personnel). Some of the companies he has worked for include Medical Manager Corporation, Emdeon, and Sage Software. Currently at Harmony Healthcare IT, Darryl is the Director of the Solutions Engineering team. His daily activities include infrastructure, data, and platform design to support both our Sales Team and our clients. He takes a lot of pride in making sure we have the right solution for the opportunities presented to us and that our clients feel like they’re well-informed about the details of our offerings.