HealthData Platform™ Compatible with Epic’s new Hyperdrive Application


HealthData Platform™, Harmony Healthcare IT’s suite of data management solutions, has been tested and is compatible to date with Epic’s new end user application, called Hyperdrive. The company will continue to monitor and partner with Epic to support this technology. This ensures the long-term availability of historical clinical, business and financial records that will continue to be available via a Single Sign-On from within Epic’s ecosystem.

Epic is moving its current primary end user application, Hyperspace, to a web-based framework, Hyperdrive. The move is primarily driven by Microsoft’s announcement last year that it will end support of Internet Explorer 11 (IE11), resulting in the need for users to move to a Chromium-based web browser. Harmony Healthcare IT’s HealthData Platform™, which includes all its data management solutions, has been tested and is fully compatible to date with the new Hyperdrive framework including its Single Sign-On integration capabilities. Additional Single Sign-On testing with Epic is taking place this quarter to ensure a smooth transition for our customers.

HealthData Platform is compatible with Hyperdrive to support its customers using Epic.

Most organizations will transition users to Hyperdrive in 2022 and 2023.

Hyperdrive is a secure Epic-specific web browser that requires code-level changes for current web and desktop-based Hyperspace integrations. Harmony Healthcare IT has completed all the necessary testing and changes to date. Its applications support integration with both Hyperdrive and Hyperspace clients until all users have transitioned off Hyperspace. The company will continue to monitor and partner with Epic to support the accessibility of legacy clinical and business records.

Harmony Healthcare IT’s HealthData Archiver® is available in Epic’s App Orchard and supports the efficient management of historical patient, business and employee records for Epic users. This will not change with the move to Hyperspace.

HealthData Archiver® supports Epic users as a cloud-based solution, with its Single Sign-On integration, including patient context sharing with integrated clinical views, release of information workflows and revenue cycle features—offering a significant return on investment for providers decommissioning legacy systems. The solution consolidates data stores, reduces out-of-production system maintenance costs, mitigates technical risk, complies with record retention mandates, and enables data interoperability.

Are you an Epic user looking for a trusted solution to help manage historical patient, employee, and business records? Are you reviewing your portfolio of EHRs and revising your archiving and decommissioning strategy to better meet the Cures Act requirements?

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Mar 03 2022

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