Harmony Healthcare IT and DrFirst: Creating a Better EHR Go-Live Webinar Takeaways


Harmony Healthcare IT recently hosted the “Creating a Better EHR Go-Live for Clinicians” webinar featuring Harmony Healthcare IT’s SVP, Jim Hammer, and David Sellars, Principal of Product Innovations at DrFirst. This webinar covered some common data conversion pain points and introduced smarter data migrations that leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning as a way to help address them. Benefits of these data conversion services and how they get put into practice at healthcare delivery organizations were also reviewed.

Webinar Recap Jim Hammer

Data Conversion Challenges

Jim Hammer and David Sellars kicked off the webinar by discussing some common data conversion pain points, including:

  • Clinical Assumptions. As with any new system there are bound to be some kinks, but these hiccups can be frustrating for clinicians because electronic health record (EHR) implementations are meant to make their day-to-day easier, not more complicated and tedious.
  • System Compatibility. Oftentimes not all data elements can be replicated in the new system; in addition, legacy EHRs might not have all the data elements required for the destination EHR.
  • Data Cleanliness. It is important to assess the cleanliness of the legacy EHR data prior to the data conversion.
  • Data Accuracy. When transferring data from the source application, questions can arise about the accuracy of the scripting and tooling that is needed to convert to the new system.
  • Data Reconciliation. Additional manual data entry is needed to bridge the gap from the legacy EHR to the target EHR. There are two layers to data reconciliation:
  1. During data migration
  2. When the patient is present and the data is being used
  • Resource Allocation. It is important to think about the resources needed for successful data conversion, including support and clinical staff post-implementation, as well as the amount of dedicated time needed from each group.
  • User Fatigue. With clinician burnout on the rise, it can be problematic for the preceding complications to end up on a clinician’s desk, causing more stress.

To help mitigate complications that can arise during the data conversion process and to create a smooth go-live experience, Harmony Healthcare IT partnered with DrFirst to offer its customers smarter data migrations . This relationship allows Harmony Healthcare IT to provide its customers with a team of experienced data migration professionals and powerful AI technology that creates a smoother and cleaner data conversion experience.

The Solution

Harmony Healthcare IT’s migration services leverage DrFirst’s SmartProcessor℠ technology which uses AI and machine learning to take textual data from legacy EHRs and turn it into codified data.

The AI Process

  1. Understands clinical intent
  2. Identifies National Drug Codes (NDCs) when they do not match
  3. Processes clinical intent into discrete fields
  4. Infers missing pieces of information
  5. Converts legacy EHR data to the target EHR nomenclature


There are numerous benefits of SmartProcessor, including lowering the odds of physician burnout, reducing the number of physician clicks and keystrokes, and reducing manual entry of medications, with future potential for problems, allergies, and immunizations.

For each 10% drop in task load there is a 33% reduction in probability of clinicians experiencing burnout. Additionally, when AI is used to optimize medication data, PAMI manual entry is reduced by up to 50% in addition to a 50% reduction in clicks and keystrokes.

Harmony Healthcare IT is committed to ensuring the preservation and management of vital information while keeping it accessible, secure, usable and compliant. Its partnership with DrFirst enables Harmony Healthcare IT to continue to achieve its goal of fortifying care delivery while advancing the experience for clinicians and patients.

If you are ready to enhance your EHR go-live experience, let’s connect.

Oct 19 2022

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