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Practice Management Custom Reporting with Analytics

As financial and clinical reporting requirements grow more intense, many of our clients are seeking custom report and...

Jul 27

Medical Record Retention and Legacy Data Management

As we work with more medical practices and health systems to manage their legacy data from a...

Jul 20

Rising uninsured stats mean more “patient pays” at check-out

Researchers Todd Gilmer and Richard Kronick from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) released a new...

Jun 02

Medical Manager HL7 Interface to EMR

As users of The Medical Manager (r) practice management system evaluate electronic medical records (EMR), they may...

May 22

Custom HL7 Interfaces for The Medical Manager Software

The Medical Manager (r) * software continues to live on thousands of physician desktops nationwide as a dependable practice...

May 14

Verifying Eligibility Before the Patient Arrives

What medical practice wouldn’t want to reduce preventable claim errors like “Subscriber Not Found?” Verifying a patient’s...

May 06

Accessing Data from a Retired Practice Management System

As more and more medical practices move to electronic health records, they may be retiring a legacy practice...

Apr 30

Decision Support System for Medical Practices

To effectively manage a medical practice, you must make important clinical, financial and administrative decisions everyday.  How...

Apr 24

Dealing with the Growing Shift to Patient Payments

Higher Unemployment and Greater Numbers of Uninsured Mean Healthcare Providers Must Find Better Ways to Avoid Bad...

Apr 09

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