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‘Meaningful Use’ of EHRs to be Basic in 2011

The federal government intends to implement a basic level of initial 2011 criteria for meaningful use of...

Sep 18

New Meaningful Use Tier of CCHIT Certification

According to Modern Healthcare, the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT) is adopting a two-tier system of...

Sep 04

Seminar on “Meaningful Use” of EHRs

In preparing content for our September seminar on meaningful use of electronic health records, we’re constantly reading...

Aug 26

Spring of 2010 for Final Definition of EHR ‘Meaningful Use?’

At a press conference on August 20, 2009, it was predicted by David Blumenthal, M.D. that the...

Aug 22

Webinar Tomorrow: “Optimizing the Revenue Cycle”

Times are tough. Insurance carriers are reducing reimbursements. Patients are struggling to make their co-payments on time...

Aug 10

Medical Record Retention and Legacy Data Management

As we work with more medical practices and health systems to manage their legacy data from a...

Jul 20

Legislation Could Help Small and Solo Physician Practices Buy EMRs

If you’re in a small or solo physician practice that’s looking to buy an electronic medical record...

Jul 02

Fort Wayne Above National Averages for EHR Adoption

On the front cover of the July 2009 edition of HealthData management “Hoosier How-To: An in-depth look...

Jul 01

Comment Opportunities on “Meaningful Use” for EHR

You can make a difference! As a provider and future user of electronic health record (EHR) technology,...

Jun 19

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