The Benefits of Electronic Data Vaulting for Medical Practices


Running a daily system backup to tapes is often routine for office managers. Although this method has worked for many …

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Server Hosting for Medical Manager Software Users


Time to buy a new server for your Medical Manager software?  Investigate before you invest!  Rather than buy new, you …

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Need Skilled, Affordable IT Personnel? Outsource it.


If 2012 promises anything for physicians, it’s a year full of IT challenges.  Whether it’s Version 5010 compliance, the achievement of EHR …

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Sign Up for Automated Backups by 12/31/11 at a Discounted Rate


Still running your system backup to tapes? Now, there’s a quicker, more secure way to safeguard your data. The new process is …

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State HIEs Weigh In on Meaningful Use Rules


A coalition of 13 state health information exchange initiatives is calling on federal officials to deem eligible providers as meeting …

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Decision Support System for Medical Practices


To effectively manage a medical practice, you must make important clinical, financial and administrative decisions everyday.  How can you make …

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Healthcare Data Vaulting Webinar on Twitter


Understand the benefits of data vaulting versus traditional tape backups for your medical practice. Join us for a webinar on …

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Year End Close for The Medical Manager Software


Many physician offices that we support using The Medical Manager practice management software will conduct a fiscal year end close …

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Remote Electronic Backups with Secure Offsite Data Storage


As an office manager, you are likely running a daily system backup to tapes. While that is a good routine …

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Electronic Data Vaulting versus Tape Backups


Electronic data vaulting is the process of conducting a backup online and storing information remotely in a secure data center. …

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