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Long-term Storage of PHI: An Easy-to-Use Patient Data Archive


As technology evolves, IT Directors replace old technology with new. Due to cost and complexity, complete clinical data conversions from the old system to the new are atypical. This can result in a portfolio of read-only systems that carry

  • a hefty maintenance price tag
  • an IT labor burden
  • long-term user training issues
  • technical risk as servers age

Indiana University Health changed all that by implementing Health Data Archiver.

tarawilliams“We needed to comply with medical record retention requirements,” says Tara Williams, MSN, RN and Director of Information Systems at Indiana University Health Bedford Hospital, “but, we knew that our costs would be cut significantly if we archived versus keeping inactive systems up and running long-term.”

When evaluating archival solutions, Tara and her team sought a vendor who could consolidate the data from disparate legacy systems into a single relational database.  They wanted a system that would be both easy to use and to maintain for decades to come.

“When it came right down to it,” Tara says, “the simplicity of Health Data Archiver was what won us over.  Honestly, I think my kids could teach you how to use this product.”

Health Data Archiver is an easy-to-use, vendor-neutral repository that helps reduce the costs of legacy system maintenance and bypass the complexity of conversions. Unlike active archives that re-create a billing system, Health Data Archiver is an intuitive static archive requiring little to no training.

“Our analysis shows an 18-month return on investment,” says Tara.  “To eliminate the support costs, license fees and IT administration burden of multiple legacy systems over time is a no-brainer.”

IU Health Bedord Hospital is a critical access facility located in Bedford, IN.   To start, they have arranged for Harmony Healthcare IT to archive three legacy systems into a single repository.  The solution will scale over time as additional protected health information is secured for long-term storage.

Harmony Healthcare IT (HHIT) is the developer and service provider for Health Data Archiver, a long-term storage solution for protected health information.  Health Data Archiver allows both ambulatory and acute healthcare organizations to comply with state medical record retention mandates.  In addition to data archival, HHIT also performs clinical and financial data extractions, migrations, conversions, integrations, exchanges and analytics.