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Server Hosting for Medical Manager Software Users


Time to buy a new server for your Medical Manager software?  Investigate before you invest!  Rather than buy new, you can utilize a server from our data center for a fixed monthly fee and eliminate the hassles of server maintenance and back-up routines.

What is a Hosted Medical Manager Server Solution?

As an alternative to purchasing, housing and maintaining a server at your medical practice, you can now utilize a dedicated server from us. The server will be configured to meet your system computing needs, however, it will reside in our data center and be accessed by your users securely over the Internet.

Why Use a Hosted Medical Manager Server Solution?

One of the main reasons to choose hosting is to avoid a large expense when it’s time to replace your server. Hosting allows you to spread the up-front cost of the server out over time through a fixed monthly fee.

Another benefit is that both server administration and security becomes our responsibility. We become your offsite IT team, ensuring the proper care and taking of the hardware and taking on the responsibility of data backup and disaster recovery.

Getting Started

Talk to one of our technicians to learn just how easy it is to migrate to a Hosted Medical Manager Server Solution. Call Harmony Healthcare IT to learn more about hosting, Medical Manager Support and alternative revenue cycle management solutions at 800.781.1044.  You can also join our growing online community of Medical Manager users.

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