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Helping ‘Former’ Users of Medical Manager Properly Archive Data


Medical practices migrating off of The Medical Manager® software may be at risk. That old system contains individually-identifiable protected health information (PHI) that, according to state and federal mandates, must be secured and archived for at least 7-10 years. Maintaining your Medical Manager system for that length of time may entail support costs and potential corruption issues with an aging operating system and server.

Join us for a webinar created especially for former users of The Medical Manager software. The event will take place on Tues., 11/12/12 at 11am EST. At this free, online session you will learn about securing historical patient data and/or paper medical charts to meet state medical record retention regulations.

  • What information to store and how
  • State mandates for storing patient data
  • Next-steps for proper shutdown of your Medical Manager system
  • How to include paper charts in the archive

The webinar lasts 20 minutes (plus questions and answers). Register today by calling a medical data archiving specialist at 800-781-1044

The Medical Manager(r) is a registered trademark of Vitera Healthcare Solutions, LLC. Harmony Healthcare IT is not affiliated with Vitera.