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Analytics from The Medical Manager Software


If your practice is looking to get custom data out of The Medical Manager(r) practice management system or the electronic health record (EHR) that is interfaced to it — look no further.

Harmony Healthcare IT offers an analytics product that gives you access to more data from your current applications, including Medical Manager and a number of EHR systems.

Our simple-to-use interface combines ad hoc analysis, reporting capabilities, presentation services, graphing, and everything else needed to analyze practice trends, develop universal metrics, measure long-term changes or gather operational decision-support data.

Best of all, our “wizard” feature makes it simple for anyone to use the product the way they want to – with little to no need to call upon technical resources for help.

Contact us to learn more about how to gain greater business and clinical insights by using this analytics tool.

The Medical Manager(r) is a registered trademark of Vitera Healthcare Solutions, LLC.  Harmony Healthcare IT is not affiliated with Vitera.