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Verifying Eligibility Before the Patient Arrives


What medical practice wouldn’t want to reduce preventable claim errors like “Subscriber Not Found?” Verifying a patient’s eligibility and coverage is the first step towards achieving cleaner claims and faster reimbursements. Automating that verification process can offer up to a 75% cost savings over manually verifying coverage.

How does an automated eligibility verification solution work? With automated eligibility verification, you can perform verifications individually or by batch — whichever fits your front-office workflow. Each night, files from your practice management system’s scheduler can be automatically downloaded and processed with participating payers.  At the start of each day, eligibility responses await the front-desk staff for review through an intuitive user interface.

Put your medical practice on the path to cleaner claims and faster reimbursements with an Automated Eligibility Verification solution from Harmony Healthcare IT, a provider of integrated healthcare information technologies for medical practices.