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Electronic Remittance Advice Eliminates Manual Claims Posting


The days of manually posting payments and adjustments to the patient accounts in your practice management system CAN be over.  By receiving electronic remittance advice (ERA) from payers, your medical practice can streamline its daily posting routine and even print patient EOBs on-demand from the web.

An ERA is an electronic explanation of payment from the payer to the provider.  It provides details about whether claims were paid or denied.  If a claim was denied, an ERA will contain explanations about why it was denied.  ERA data follows an industry standard commonly referred to as an “835 file.”

Here are some benefits of employing electronic remittance advice in your practice:

  • Reduces or eliminates the manual posting of payments and adjustments by medical billers
  • Allows medical billers to search for a particular remittance by payer, by patient, by check number, or by check amount
  • Eliminates the frustration of dealing with telecommunications equipment, modems, file transfer protocols, etc.
  • Allows for access to remittance files indefinitely on the web

If you are interested in investigating how to implement electronic remittance advice for your practice, please contact us to learn more about what our solution offers.

Our electronic remittance advice solution works with The Medical Manager(r) software.