Archiving Medical Records in the Ambulatory Care Office


Ambulatory care administrators must secure and archive PHI for 7-10 years, attending webinar on data storage solutions.

For ambulatory care system administrators who have migrated off of a legacy practice management system — you may be at risk!

That old practice management system contains individually-identifiable protected health information (PHI) that must be secured and archived.  State and federal mandates dictate that PHI is stored for a minimum of 7-10 years.

Need more information?  Join us for a “Medical Office Data Storage” webinar.  At this free, online session you will learn about securing historical patient data to meet state medical record retention regulations.

  • What information to store and how
  • State mandates for storing patient data
  • Technology solutions for storing and accessing data long-term
  • Wrap-Up and Q&A

The webinar lasts 20 minutes (plus questions and answers).  Register today or call a medical data archiving specialists at 800-781-1044.

  • Thu., 09/15 @ 02pm EST.  Register at
  • Tue., 09/20 @ 11am EST.  Register at
  • Thu., 09/29 @ 02pm EST.  Register at

For more information on medical record archiving, contact Harmony Healthcare IT.

Sep 09 2011

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