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HIMSS IT Provision Summary of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

As you re-define the information technology strategy for your healthcare organization, you may find the HIMSS Summary...

Mar 09

ZirMed for EDI with The Medical Manager(r) software

Frustrated with the clearinghouse managing your claims submitted through The Medical Manager(r) software? There is an alternative....

Feb 27

Legacy Identifiers No Longer Accepted by Anthem BCBS

According to the Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Network Rapid Update dated 02-13-09, if claims are submitted...

Feb 25

Electronic Remittance Advice Eliminates Manual Claims Posting

The days of manually posting payments and adjustments to the patient accounts in your practice management system...

Feb 24

Stimulus Demands Quick Rollout of EMR

If your practice is looking to gain maximum financial incentives under the federal economic stimulus package then...

Feb 19

$19.2 Billion for Healthcare IT

Today, President Barack Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, H.R. 1. His signature...

Feb 17

Government Database to Hold Every American’s Personal Medical Records

The final version of the stimulus bill includes a provision creating a federal database that will hold...

Feb 13

Stimulus Bill to Provide $19 Billion to HIT

There has been a lot of discussion over the final stimulus bill and how it might affect...

Feb 12

Tom Daschle Withdraws

As reported on, Tom Daschle has withdrawn from the process to become secretary of Health and...

Feb 03

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