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Decision Support System for Medical Practices

To effectively manage a medical practice, you must make important clinical, financial and administrative decisions everyday.  How...

Apr 24

Red Flag Rule Affects Health Care Providers May 1

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) indicates that physicians providing services to patients without requiring payment in full at...

Apr 16

White House Discussion on Healthcare Reform

Nancy-Ann DeParle, the White House Director of the Office of Health Reform, met with representatives of healthcare...

Apr 13

Dealing with the Growing Shift to Patient Payments

Higher Unemployment and Greater Numbers of Uninsured Mean Healthcare Providers Must Find Better Ways to Avoid Bad...

Apr 09

Revenue Cycle Management Seminar in Chicago April 7th

Times are tough. Insurance carriers are reducing reimbursements. Patients are struggling to make their co-pays on time...

Apr 01

Healthcare Data Vaulting Webinar on Twitter

Understand the benefits of data vaulting versus traditional tape backups for your medical practice. Join us for...

Mar 24

Medical Manager Training and Support

Although our company provides a vast array of technical and telecommunication services to a variety of health...

Mar 19

ICD-10 Implementation Deadline

As reported in the Health IT Strategist, HHS announced yesterday that it will go ahead with the Bush...

Mar 11

MGMA CEO Advises to Take It Slow on Stimulus

In sharp contrast to advice from Stephen Lieber, president and CEO of the Healthcare Information and Management...

Mar 10

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